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Frequent Questions

Q Two glass shops told me that it is not possible to repair my foggy thermal units. They both said that the moisture cannot be removed, and the units have to be replaced. How do I know that your system will work?

A Dont blame them, there has been little choice but to replace up until now. Our defogging process has been in use in the Ottawa area for almost 20 years but it is not well known elsewhere. Now we are marketing it across Canada and we hope that very soon it will be the standard way to solve the problem of foggy units.

Q Can all units be restored?

A All standard units can have the moisture removed. However, if the unit has been wet for a long time, mineral deposits may have formed on the inside glass surfaces. Most of these are removable using our patented process. If mineral deposits have been on the glass for an extended period they may have etched the inside surface of the glass. This is a permanent condition that, so far, cannot be reversed. Our trained estimators and service personnel will advise you.

Q After you finish doing my glass units, will they stay dry permanently?

A The simple answer is yes; however, our process is a permanent cure, not an instant one. We use liquid cleaners of various types to clean inside your units and this liquid, together with the moisture already inside the unit, has to vent out before you will have a completely dry unit. Depending on the location of the unit in the home (does it get lots of sunshine for example?) And the ambient temperature, it can take several days, or even weeks to totally dry out. We will indicate to you when we complete the work, about how long we expect it to take.

Q Will my windows look as good as new after they are serviced?

A We are only servicing the glass unit of the window so we cannot eliminate the signs of aging that will have occurred, particularly on the exterior areas that have been exposed to the weather. Depending on the severity or etching, we will also advise if any residue of mineral deposits may be left inside the unit when we are finished.

Q How much inconvenience will I experience while my windows are being serviced?

A Usually very little, as most of our work is done on the exterior of the unit. If we do have work from the inside we will require clear access to the unit.
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